Toppik Hair Perfecting Duo

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Toppik have developed a precision duo to make application even easier. Spray Applicator ideal for applying fibres to smaller areas of thin or thinning hair. Hairline Optimiser helps to ensure you achieve a natural looking hairline.

Important Information

How It Works
Spray Applicator is suitable for use with 12g and 27.5g fibres bottles and is designed for precise application into specific areas of thinning. Hairline Optimiser helps frame the face, with its irregular pattern making fibres disperse unevenly, creating a natural hairline.

Spray applicator:
Step 1)
Unscrew the sieve cap from the top of the Hair Fibres pot, squeeze slightly while twisting for ease.

Step 2)
Screw on the Spray Applicator.

Step 3)
Use at smaller areas of thinning for more targeted application. Particularly, effective when used in combination with the Hairline Optimiser at the hairline.

Hairline optimiser:
1. Insert the teeth of the Hairline Optimiser into your hairline.
2. Shake or spray (with Toppik Spray Applicator) hair fibres around hairline.
3. If desired, gently pat hair to disperse hair fibres before removing the Optimiser.

Included in the Box

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for filling in front and side hairline
  • Allows for layering shades for a perfect colour match
  • Covers a wide part
  • Use for a perfect updo or ponytail
  • Hide extension tracks
  • Achieve a fuller beard